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Arnoud Engelfriet (born 1974) is an Internet lawyer and European patent attorney. His website carries over 350 articles on law and technology. He is a regular contributor to SYNC.NL.

His most recent article on Dutch site Macwereld discusses the legality of unlocking the Apple iPhone in accordance with Dutch law.

Arnoud works as IP counsel at the intellectual property department (IP&S) of Royal Philips in the Netherlands. With his computer science (M.Sc.) background, he specializes in software licensing and Internet IP issues. As secretary of Philips' Open Source Advisory Board he coordinates the legal aspects of open source usage by Philips.

Arnoud regularly publishes and speaks about open source, Linux and Internet law, among others on the SYNC.NL webmagazine.

Arnoud blogs (in Dutch) on internet law and intellectual property.

Arnoud is currently working towards his master's degree in information law at the Amsterdam University. He participated in many other activities in the past, both online and offline. In his scarce spare time, he enjoys city trips, biking and working out at the gym. He spends his summer holidays as youth camp counsellor.

You can contact him through the Ius mentis feedback form. Or mail arnoudengelfriet at

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